The Best Chiropractor Jersey City Can Offer Uses These Methods To Heal Back Pain

Did you know that there are a variety of chiropractic methods to alleviate back pain? Are you however afraid that some of these chiropractic methods won’t work for you? The truth is that the best chiropractor Jersey City can offer is on the case, and can treat various forms of back pain.

Chiropractic works, and it’s time for you to find out what’s the reason behind its success. This traditional form of medicine has been in use for thousands of years. It has a long history of success and it can heal back pain.

A list of methods used by the best chiropractor Jersey City can offer

Chiropractic is one of the most popular forms of manual medicine. The word itself means ‘performed by hand’ in Greek. This healing method was used in places like ancient China and Egypt. Chiropractic is mostly focused on the spine. With spinal manipulation, chiropractors can relieve back pain, headaches, joint pain, and neck pain.

Back pain is the most common issue that chiropractors have to deal with. Hundreds of studies have been done on chiropractic, examining its effects on back pain. The results of these studies have proven that spinal manipulation can treat back pain and other forms of pain.

The Gonstead technique

Gonstead is a safe chiropractic method that can be used to help people, including the elderly, pregnant women, and children. Chiropractors use the Gonstead technique to make an analysis of the spine. Chiropractors who use the Gonstead method look for spinal misalignments which are the cause of pain.

The Gonstead chiropractor will use an X-ray analysis to look for spinal misalignments. With the help of the X-ray analysis, the chiropractor will see your entire spinal structure. That’s how chiropractors look for disease, fractures, misalignments, etc.

The instrument that Gonstead chiropractors use most is the Nervoscope. This instrument helps to detect inflammation and nerve pressure in the spine. Gonstead chiropractors also use static palpation which essentially means feeling your spine for any irregularities. Static palpation is used for detecting any swelling or tightness in your back muscles.

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Motion palpation is another method of analysis used by Gonstead chiropractors. Your chiropractor feels your spine while it is bent or moved in any other way. This way, your chiropractor gets to see how easily the parts of your spine move. Gonstead chiropractors use their vision in order to determine whether there are any negative changes in your posture.

After the spinal analysis is over, the chiropractor can make final spinal adjustments. A Gonstead chiropractor will only address the problematic areas of the spine. The point of the Gonstead method is to carefully perform the necessary adjustment, so that the patient doesn’t feel any pain. Optimal health is then restored by adjusting spinal misalignments.

The Diversified technique

The Diversified technique is the most common chiropractic method. It’s all about the adjustment of the spinal column. Sometimes, this includes the manipulation of arms or legs. The Diversified technique combines the most successful forms of manipulation, hence the name Diversified.

During this treatment, the chiropractor uses a low pressure thrust to adjust any spine or joint dysfunction. The Diversified technique can be successful for any patient, regardless of age and medical history. As soon as the chiropractor is able to align the spine and joints, patients will hear a clicking sound. 

There are no tools or devices used in the the Diversified technique. The method is all about manual adjustments performed by hands. It’s a very natural chiropractic method since trapped air or gas is released from the joint.

Applied kinesiology

Applied kinesiology is a low-force chiropractic method. The first part of this method is the structural examination. During this examination, the entire body is analyzed, in order for the chiropractor to detect problems. The examined parts include the skull, hips, spine, arms, legs, shoulders, fingers, etc.

The patient’s muscles are tested to see if any segment of the body is out of balance. After that, a device is used to deliver electromechanical impulses to the body. Those impulses are delivered into the misaligned areas of the body. The goal in electromechanical impulses is to correct any misalignments.

The success in applied kinesiology depends on the success of the initial examination. The patient needs to be moving during the examination, so that it’s easier for the chiropractor to find injuries. Sometimes, the patient will be asked to move into the position that creates pain. That’s how the chiropractor is able to see the scope of the injury.

The Logan Basic technique

The Logan Basic technique alleviates stress, which often manifests itself as muscle tension in your back. The technique is focused on the muscles that are responsible for spinal balance. A small application of force at the right place allows for spinal balance.

The chiropractor needs to analyze the patient’s spine first, while the patient is standing or lying down. During the treatment, the chiropractor applies low pressure on the sacral bone of the back. The chiropractor continues to press on this spot while massaging back muscles. The purpose of this treatment is for the back muscles to be freed of any tension.

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The light pressure that is applied on the sacral bone causes the muscles to relax. As a result, back strain is decreased. The entire body becomes more relaxed, which stimulates the body’s natural healing mechanisms. Muscle strain and tension are what deprive the body’s natural healing mechanisms from functioning properly.

Self-chiropractic methods

In general, it is not advisable to try chiropractic techniques without professional supervision. However, while you wait to see a chiropractor, there are methods you can use to relieve back pain. You can use ice or moist heat to treat the affected area. When you first start feeling pain, put some ice on that area for no more than three days.

After that, use moist heat on the affected area. You can use moist heat in the form of a hot water bottle for example. Other self-chiropractic techniques inolve using yoga and light exercise. The point of yoga and light exercise is to stretch the body and make it more flexible.

If you need to decrease the swelling on your back, you can take medicine that reduces inflammation. As a general rule though, do not rely on self-chiropractic techniques too much. It’s much safer to visit the best physical therapist Jersey City can offer. No one can do such a good job with pain management as a professional chiropractor can. 

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