In my 19 years of practice I have found that most patients consume too many refined carbohydrates and not enough quality protein.
This can lead to type 2 diabetes, obesity, high blood pressure, and overall poor health.

Here is a list of reasons why you should increase your protein intake:

• Protein is the building block for every cell and function of the body.
• BCAA content is a good indicator of the quality of the protein.
• Branched chain amino acids (BCAA) found in Whey and Pea protein increase lean muscle mass
• Protein fills you up and helps to restrict calorie intake.
• Protein has a high thermic effect, burning double the amount of calories to digest versus carbohydrates.
• Quality protein with BCAA and amino acids reduces belly fat.
• Increased protein intake paired with strength training rapidly increases muscle mass and strength in teenagers and in young adults.
• Quality protein increases bone density and decreases the risk for osteoporosis.
• Protein stimulates insulin release and prevents sharp spikes in blood sugar.
• Quality Protein taken before bed results in a more restful sleep because it may balance brain transmitters. It also blocks the liver from releasing sugar and helps raise the metabolism so you burn fat while sleeping while having lower blood sugar in the morning.
• A 4 week study shows increases in protein intake lowers blood pressure.
• It accelerates tendon and tissue repair and prevents muscle atrophy when injured.
• Contains glutathione, a powerful antioxidant that leads to a longer and healthier life.

Most Americans are deficient in quality protein intake that are rich in BCAA.

Consume 1/2 your body weight in grams per day so for example a person weighing 200 pounds should consume 100 grams per day.
If you exercise, are recovering from an injury, or are a growing adoloescent your intake should be more than 1/2 your body weight in grams per day.

Super powder was formulated by me to provide high qualtiy protein rich in BCAA. In addition, it contains alkalizing minerals, vitamins, D3 and more.

It is free of banned substances and is naturally flavored and free of dangerous artificial sweeteners like aspartame and sucrolose. Both have been shown to cause weight gain and Cancer.
It blends easily and digests instantly.

I’ve simplified supplementation by combining multiple products.
The ingredients found in Super Powder are the same ones I used when fighting Cancer years ago.

Ways to take Super Powder
Drink in 8-12 ounces of water, juice, or milk

1. Take one serving before a game or workout.
2. Take one serving before bed with milk, Greek yogurt, and nuts to stimulate growth hormone and pack on weight.

Adults looking to lose belly and body fat
1. Take one serving before breakfast or use as a meal replacement.
2. Take one serving before a workout for increased motivation, energy, and endurance.

For diabetics or blood sugar problems
1. Take one serving before bed with milk or water to lower blood sugar the next morning.

For a free one serving sample email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and provide your name and address
use promo code
for $25 off a purchase of $75 or more.
visit to make your purchase.

To view testimonials

For additional info check out these 2 pages on the proxformulas website.

Lastly, our office in currently offering a 4 week program utilizing the Super Powder protein blend and the following is measured weekly:
• Weight

• Body fat %

• Blood pressure

• Heart rate


If interested call the office for details 201-624-2111.

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