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Lumbar Disc Microsurgery in Jersey City

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Ask yourself…

  • Are you tired of living on pain medications?
  • Have you tried everything?
  • Has therapy failed to help? Have steroid injections failed to help?
  • Are you afraid of traditional back surgery?
  • Have you had to learn to live in pain?

If you answered “Yes” to any of these questions… GREAT NEWS!

New Minimally Invasive Back Surgery can help. Below are some of the benefits of Minimally Invasive Back Surgery:

  • Walk out from surgery the same day
  • Eliminate complications from open surgery
  • Takes less than 1 hour
  • No muscle trauma
  • 90% success rate
  • Get back to sports and work activities quickly
  • Covered by most Insurance Companies
  • Treatment is safe, easy and minimally invasive

What are Lumbar Discs?

Lumbar discs are the structures which serve as shock absorbers between the vertebrae of the spinal column. The center of the disc, called the nucleus, is soft and springy and accepts the shock of standing, walking, running, etc. The outer ring of the disc, called the annulus,
provides structure and strength to the disc. The annulus is comprised of a complex series of interwoven layers of fibrous tissues which hold the nucleus in place.

What is a Herniated Disc?

Herniated discs are often called a “slipped disk”. This term was derived from the action of the nuclear tissue when it is forced from the center of the disc. The disc itself does not slip. However, the nuclear tissue located in the center of the disc can be placed under so much
pressure that it can cause the annulus to herniate or rupture. When the disc has herniated or ruptured, it may create pressure against one or more of the spinal nerves which can cause pain, weakness or numbness in the lower back, leg or foot (sciatica). Other common names for a herniated disc are “protruded disc” and “ruptured disc”.

Breakthrough Outpatient Treatment for Herniated Lumbar Discs LED (Lumbar Endoscopic Discectomy)

Lumbar Endoscopic Discectomy (LED) is an outpatient surgical procedure to remove herniated disc material. An anesthesiologist provides intravenous sedation. The surgeon also uses local anesthesia. Through x-ray guidance and a video endoscope, a 7mm probe is inserted through the skin into the herniated disc. The hydrodiscectomy tool, suction and disc grasping instruments removes the herniated nucleus, resulting in pressure and pain relief on the nerve root. Only the herniated portion of the nucleus is removed (approximately 10 – 15 %), leaving the rest of the disc intact.

The disc material is then pulverized by a powerful jet of water which allows it to be suctioned away. The disc protrusion is decompressed in a matter of minutes. The puncture in the skin is very small rather than a larger incision required for open surgery. LED is different from open lumbar disc surgery because there is no large skin incision or damage to the back muscles. Most of the complications that may occur with open surgery are eliminated with the LED procedure.

Before surgical spine treatment is considered, we will exhaust conservative, non-surgical spine treatment options first. Our team of doctors can precisely diagnosis, which is the most important factor towards effective treatment of your pain.

Before surgical spine treatment is considered, we will exhaust conservative, non-surgical spine treatment options first. Our team of doctors can precisely diagnosis, which is the most important factor towards effective treatment of your pain.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does the process take?
In most cases, the procedure takes between 15-30 minutes.

When will I feel the results?
Most patients feel relief the next day and gradually improve in a matter of weeks, allowing some of them movement and activity they have not experienced in years.

Will my insurance cover this treatment?
Most major insurances will pay some, if not all, of our services. Please call to learn if this procedure is covered by your carrier.

How do I know if this is right for me?
In most cases, this procedure has treated and alleviated the pain where conservative and invasive treatments have failed.We will give you an honest and fair evaluation of your particular pain to determine if this procedure is right for you. Call today to schedule your evaluation.

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