Home Exercise Routine

Have no time?

Then do this routine at home while watching TV. I have 5 kids and never have time. This routine works the biggest and strongest muscles to burn the most fat in the shortest amount of time. Do this 3x a week and let me know your results in 4 weeks.

If your feet, knees, back, or neck hurt while doing the moves then schedule an appointment so I can find the cause of the problem.

Home Exercise Routine

My 3 day a week workout plan that burns the most fat and builds the most muscle in only 15-20 minutes.  It took me years of trial and error to figure this out.  It works.

3 times a week- 15-20 minutes total workout time 

2-3 sets per exercise- rest 1 minute between each set.

10-15 reps per exercise if too easy then add more resistance or weight. I use multiple bands to increase the resistance.

Use dumbbells or resistance bands.  Modell’s or any sporting goods place has them.  I do the workout while watching TV.  The workout is designed to build the biggest muscles which burn the most calories and fat.  

It’s simple, fast, and it works.

Chest Press or Push-ups (pick one)

For Chest Press- wrap bands around your back tightly and push straight out and squeeze chest together.   

For Push-ups- wrap bands around your back and hold bands tightly then push-up.  Perform on your knees if you have to.


Standing Squats

Step on bands with feet shoulder width apart. Squat down while holding bands at shoulder height. (Stick your butt out like when sitting on a chair. Knees should not go in front of your toes) then stand up- use your legs to drive up


Dumbbell Rows or Pull-ups

Wrap bands around your feet and pull elbows straight back and squeeze shoulder blades together.

Rhomboid Exercises

For rounded shoulders and chronic neck pain-   Step on bands and pull arms back and squeeze lower shoulder blades together.



10 -20 minutes of walking, biking, or jogging or rowing.   Rowing works the legs, abs, and back.

Best cardio and strength training combination in my opinion.  You can use bands to do rowing WITHOUT an expensive machine.
Google- rowing with bands

Core Exercises

1 set each of 10-15 reps 
1-3 x a week

  • Twists– Hold a weight or medicine ball- use legs to twist from side to side- works legs and core 
  • Leg Raises-start with arms over your head and feet on the ground then raise leg and move arms down.
  • Hip Raises– lay with legs straight up and butt on the ground and then raise your hips of the ground- works lower abs
  • Side Plank– lay on elbow and body on the floor and then raise body with side ab muscles- works obliques
  • Leg Plank– rest body weight on your elbows and then raise each leg in the air-   works butt and back muscles
  • Back Extensors– lay flat on the floor and arms at your side then raise legs and arms off the ground 

twist legraise hipraise 

 sideplank legplank backextensors









If your feet, knees, back, or neck hurt while doing the moves then schedule an appointment so I find the cause.

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