"Right away, my experience was different…"

“Right away, my experience with Dr. Esposito was very different from any previous chiropractic care I have had.  Dr. Esposito’s care has increased the overall duration and performance of my career.”

Sean Landeta, NFL’s Most accomplished Punter in history

"Sinus Problems Gone"

“For two years I’ve been suffering from SINUS PROBLEMS on a weekly basis.  Finally after 2 months of Dr. Esposito‘s encouragement, I went under Chiropractic care with him.  To my amazement my SINUS PROBLEM IS GONE and my BACK and KNEE PAIN IS GONE!”

Gerri J., Manhasset

"No More Headaches"

“After starting chiropractic care my HEADACHES I had for 30 years are GONE. In addition, MY ARM NUMBNESS and HEARTBURN have all but disappeared.“

John K., Port Washington

"Say Goodbye to Ear Infections"

Briggs will be two soon and it’s exciting to share the news that he has not had an ear infection in over six months! This is a record. It also means he has not had to take any antibiotics!  We can’t forget to mention we have said goodbye to sleepless nights, too!”


"It works! I give it 100%, thumbs-up!"


VIDEO | Dave Streater talks about the quick recovery of his shoulder and knee at Advanced Rehabilitation of Jersey City.


PierreVIDEO | Pierre tells his story about how ARJC helped him walk upright again!

"The physical therapy was great! I’m feeling much better."


VIDEO | After struggling with knee and ankle pain caused by flat feet, Marvin came to ARJC for Physical Therapy.  Now, Marvin is doing much better!



VIDEO | Madeline was in so much pain, no one could touch her.  Her pain caused her to be miserable.  Since coming to ARJC, she feels 100% better.

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