Get Rid Of Back Pain At The Best Physical Therapist Jersey City Can Offer

Are you struggling with back pain? Does back pain cause problems in your everyday life? You’vе probably tried reaching for an easy solution, like the good old pain killers. And yes, painkillers work, but for how long? Could visiting the best physical therapist Jersey City can offer be a better idea for healing back pain?

According to the American Chiropractic Association (ACA), approximately 31 million Americans suffer from low back pain. It is estimated that nearly 80% of the population will experience back pain in their lives, sooner or later.

What causes back pain?

There are various reasons for back pain. Every individual is different, due to а unique medical history. However, there are some common reasons that explain the occurrence of back pain.

Lack of physical activity

Think about your day. It may start with getting out of the bed in the morning, jumping into the car and using the elevator to get to the office? Then you end up sitting all day in your office. Most of us keep repeating this process, all day long, day after day.

What are the most common causes for getting back pain at some point of our lives? Long working hours at the office, improperly sitting in front of our computer desks, and living in the digitized era. In addition, people are often forced to sit in uncomfortable positions that lead to muscle tension.


Increased body weight can cause numerous health problems, including problems with the back. Due to the increased volume of subcutaneous fat, the body loses its shape. This leads to a reduction of flexibility of the skeleton and a limited range of movement.


Among people with excessive body weight, most of the extra weight is stored in the stomach area. That’s why the abdominal muscles become weaker and don’t support the spine. The spine is more vulnerable without strong abdominal muscles.

Abdominal muscles also support the spine during physical activities, such as lifting and moving heavy objects. When the abdominal muscles are tense and strong enough, the pressure in the abdominal cavity increases. As a result, the spine is freed of the burden.

Mechanical problems and injuries

Perhaps the most common mechanical cause of back pain is intervertebral disc degeneration. This means that the discs between the vertebrae break down with age. As the discs deteriorate, they lose their cushioning ability. This leads to pain, especially if the back is stressed.

Another reason for back pain can be improper weight lifting or twisting. Both of those activities can cause tears in the ligaments that support the spine. Other, less common reasons for back pain, are severe injuries, in the case of an accident or fall.

Acquired conditions and diseases

Medical conditions, such as scoliosis, various forms of arthritis (osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis), spinal stenosis etc., commonly cause back pain. These conditions and diseases lead many patients to visit physical therapists.

The right treatment for back pain

First you have to understand the difference between acute and chronic pain. Acute pain comes suddenly, but it also disappears by itself, after a certain period. It goes away regardless of whether any treatments were applied. Chronic pain is far more complex and occurs more frequently. It can affect you while you perform your everyday tasks.

What kind of treatment should you look for when you experience back pain? One of the best solutions for back pain is physical therapy.

What is physical therapy and how does it work?

One of the ways that you can get rid of the back pain is by visiting the best Jersey city physical therapist. Physical therapy is an application of various forms of physical energy for the prevention and treatment of diseases and injuries.

The main goal of any treatment involving physical procedures and rehabilitation is to fully or partially restore the functionality of the patient. The goal is for the patient to be able to perform common everyday activities. Physical therapy helps people by restoring their mobility, regardless of their age. 


If you choose proper physical therapy, you can easily deal with chronic back pain. A physiotherapist can use various appliances for relieving your back pain. He or she can prescribe proper stretching exercises or simply massage your back with his or her hands.

According to experts, the most effective physical therapy for chronic back pain is a massage of the soft tissue. During this massage, the physiotherapist stretches the tissue around the spine and thereby facilitates the pressure on the nerves.

Along with this therapy, the therapist must provide you with proper education on correct body positions and exercises that you can perform at home. There are many positive effects that occur when physical therapy is applied.

     Reduction or the complete removal of the pain

     Reducing the swelling

     Improving local circulation

     Improving tissue elasticity

     Anti-inflammatory effect

     Improving or completely restoring the mobility in the joint.

Physical therapy techniques

Manual techniques

Manual techniques are in general performed by the physiotherapist. The primary goals of manual therapies include inducing relaxation, increasing flexibility, and decreasing back pain. There are various types of manual therapies.

          Massage – involves applying pressure on the muscles which can help relax the body, increase the circulation, and ease back pain.

          Mobilization – consists of slow movements that can help twist, push, or pull the bones and joints into the right position. This loosens up the tight tissues around the joint.

        Manipulation – involves applying pressure to the joints using precise hand movements. These movements can vary from gentle, to strong, or from slow, to very fast and sharp movements.

    The hot/cold technique 

The type of therapy being applied depends on whether the injury is new or recurring. If the injury is new, it can cause inflammation and swelling. Therefore cold therapy is used to decrease blood flow, and as a result, the swelling and inflammation will decrease.

If the pain recurs, it can be treated with heat. The heat will bring the blood flow back into the back pain area and help with the healing process.


Stretching techniques consist of a number of exercises for stretching and strengthening the muscles of the back. The basic exercises include prone press ups, single/double knee to chest exercises, the prayer stretch, the lower trunk rotation etc.

Electrical stimulation

Electrical stimulation is performed with several different stimulation devices. Adhesive pads are applied on the skin. These pads provide stimulation to the nerves and the muscles, resulting in back pain relief.

If you are struggling with your back pain for a while, and you haven’t yet tried visiting your physical therapist, you can do it now. Feel the benefits of releasing your pain, regaining your force, and doing everyday activities with ease.

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