Quanta Water

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16 ounce bottles

Did you Know?

70-80% of your body is made of WATER

What is Quanta Water?

Quanta Water is Hexagon shaped reversed osmosis water that’s instantly absorbed into your cells and organs.


Why add Quanta Water to your existing?

Hexagonal Water moves easily into the cellular environment. There is significant evidence that Hexagonal Water moves within biological organisms with greater ease.

It appears to enhance nutrient absorption and the removal of metabolic wastes. (Many who consume Hexagonal Water report a cleansing reaction within days or weeks.) This may be due to the smaller size of the molecular unit and its ability to enter and exit the cellular environment with greater ease. It may also be due to the specific organization of the hexagonal network which appears to enhance cellular communication and to support other structures within biological organisms. In one significant study conducted in Japan, Magnetic Resonance Imaging was used to show that the amount of structured water in the body is directly correlated with age. Better hydration equals younger looking skin.

quanta-image2Only healthy water can form beautiful hexagonal snowflake-like crystals. Snow water, water in fruits and vegetables, cold water from deep wells and pristine streams – all have the ideal hexagonal structure.

Tap water cannot form crystal hexagonal structures even when it freezes. Of all water’s properties, its hexagonal structure is probably the most important, but is also the most fragile. It is easily destroyed by environmental contaminants and modern water treatment processes.

What are the benefits?

  • Breaks down water molecules into smaller clusters 3-5x smaller then regular water.
  • Hydrates your body for sports and life- have less pulled muscles and cramps
  • Great for athletes- kids and adults
  • Hydrates cells and organs- make bowel movements effortless
  • Recover quickly from a long night out- have a glass in the morning and be amazed
  • Better cellular hydration EQUALS more fat cells burned
  • Look younger
  • Many people report their water tastes better and it’s easier to drink. Try it once and you’ll love it. Easy to do- put 1 ounce in pitcher of water and pour in a cup, glass, travel mug or bottle.

How long will one bottle last?

1 – 16 ounce bottle should last one week

Current Special:

BUY 10 bottles get 2 free


  • Try to add quanta water to your filtered or spring water and not to tap water.
  • The healthiest water to drink is to purchase our reversed osmosis water filter and then add quanta water to it.
  • A less expensive option is to use the Ewater shower filter to fill-up drinking water bottles and add quanta water to it.

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